Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Looking Glass War - John le Carre' (5/10)

I went through so many emotions while reading this book - bored, exasperated, impatient, annoyed, and finally, slightly interested.

The first part is extremely slow, ponderous, bleak and just plain boring.

Thats because the world of Le Carre's spies is so very different from the world of spies that we're used to. It is very, very difficult to get excited by it. His spies are so human, their problems so earthly and mundane...

So the first two-thirds of the book crawl along at a leisurely, boring pace.

In the final third, the pace picks up and the story is told at just the right pace. It gets nowhere near fast-paced, but just the right pace for a story of this kind.

Not a book for everyone, yours truly included.

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