Sunday, April 12, 2015

"2001 - A Space Odyssey" - Arthur C. Clarke (11/10)

Awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, incredible!

How do you even begin to describe a book such as this? A book that spans millenia, light-years? The adjective "enormous scope" doesn't even begin to do justice to the astonishing scope of this book.

I won't even try to put into a few words what this book is all about. Its science fiction. But in a way I've never read before, and I am a veteran of Isaac Asimov & Dan Simmons, having read everything they've ever written in this genre.

The unbelievably grand scope is perfectly complimented by the writing that is simply amazing. Such economy of words! To cover a story spanning millenia in just over 250 pages is nothing short of extraordinary. This is writing at the very highest level. Such matter-of-fact writing, without the slightest hint of conceit or self-consciousness. And conceited it very well should be because this is science fiction for the ages. That'll never grow old.

It is science fiction as it should be. The overwhelming emotion when reading science fiction should one of AWE. And this book is as awe-inspiring as it gets. Capturing the immensity of space travel so easily and seemingly effortlessly.

Brilliant, wonderful writing!

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