Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Mr Mercedes" - Stephen King (6/10)

By Stephen King's standards, writing this story must have been like doodling for him. A nice little compact novel.

A retired detective, Bill Hodges, is goaded by a killer, Mr Mercedes, towards suicide. Mr Mercedes had killed a number of people by plowing a Mercedes into a group of people at a job fair. Hodges had been the lead detective on this case, but retired before being able to solve it. Now, the killer sends him a taunting letter encouraging him to commit suicide. Unwittingly, though, the killer gives the ex-cop a reason to live. With the help of a few allies, Hodges races to find Mr Mercedes before he can unleash more carnage.

The story is fairly simple. There's no suspense because right from the beginning we know who exactly Mr Mercedes is. I found that the detective work was quite limited as well. But as ever with Stephen King, the writing is good.

A nice little read.

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