Sunday, January 11, 2015

Interstellar (1/10)

I did not like this movie. NOT. ONE. BIT.

I found it painfully slow, plodding, fantastical, melodramatic, pompous, nonsensical and unconvincing. Its hard to believe that the guy who made the wonderful Batman movies is the same guy who made this sorry excuse of a movie.

I think that when you say bad things about something, its important to rely on cold, hard facts much more than when praising it. To that end, this review is going to be full of SPOILERS and so if the reader is planning on wasting 3 hours on this swindle of a movie, he or she is advised to stop reading right here.

The reason I did not like this movie is because I was expecting a scientific movie based on scientific explanations (with a bit of poetic license), while what I got was a full-blown fantasy epic-wannabe!

My biggest problem - the so-called “they”. It seems like any time the director didn’t feel like actually coming up with a logical explanation for something he attributed it to these mysterious beings. For example, when a worm hole conveniently and suddenly appears out of nowhere and its appearance is explained away by mysterious beings, that, for me, is cheating. Its the director being too lazy to come up with a real, in-some-way scientific reason for it. I just felt that the whole movie was filled with such instances of cheating and it was extremely off-putting.

Then there were so many sequences that just weren’t properly handled. For instance, the final space shots interspersed with earth scenes were very very badly done, with very little logical connection between the two. The sequence in which Doyle dies was just so stupid. Why didn’t he get into the flipping ship instead of standing there dumbly? He was not helping anybody and he saw the waves coming and still remained standing outside.

Another very stupid thing which is quite common in American movies is that the Americans try to save the world all on their own. Why on earth (get it? on ‘Earth’) would just one scientist work on an equation on which the future of the whole mankind depends? Its moronic and stupid beyond words.

Lastly, the acting was just not up to scratch. Matthew McConaughey was ok, but Anne Hathaway was surprisingly bad! Even Michael Caine came across as pompous.

With so many big problems, there is very little that could actually save this movie. But one of the rare good things was the music over the last hour that actually managed to create some kind of interest in how the movie would end.

A very very disappointing, nay, annoying movie!

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