Sunday, October 05, 2014

Pearls from 'Lisey's Story'

'Lisey's Story' is Stephen King's masterpiece. Elsewhere on these pages I have paid my tribute to this amazing piece of art. But I believe that nobody can really describe the beauty of King's writing. Like the Matrix you have to see it for yourself. So being a good fan, I have collected here the best bits of 'Lisey's Story'

Doesn't every hurricane have an eye?

Alone never felt more lonely than when you woke up and discovered you had the house to yourself. That you and the mice in the walls were the only ones breathing.

"Baby", he says at last.

Then : "Babyluv"
For Lisey Debusher, 22, weary of her family and equally tired of being on her own, it is enough. Finally enough. He has hollered her home.

It was then that Scott spoke to her, and for the last time

- "Lisey"
Infinitely tender, that voice. Calling her name, calling her home
- "Little Lisey : Babyluv"

Its hard to think when the moon is down and the hour is none

Sometimes it was best to be quiet. Sometimes it was best to shut your everlasting mouth and hang on, hang on, hang on

I love you with all that passes for my heart

He might be in love with her, but he was also half in love with death

You're good for the ones you love. You WANT to be good for the ones you love, because you know that your time with them will end up being too short, no matter how long it is

Shh... now you must be still

But Paul says nothing, only looks at his brother, dark blue eyes locked on hazel ones, and this hell will go on for another twenty-five hundred days; seven endless years. "Do what you can and let the rest go" is what Paul's eyes say to Scott and it breaks his heart. And when he jumps from the bench at last (to what part of him is firmly convinced will be his death), it isn't because of their father's threats but because his brother's eyes have given him permission to stay right where he is if in the end he's just too scared to do it.

To stay on the bench even if it gets Paul Landon killed.

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