Monday, October 06, 2014

Lisey's Story - Another tribute to Stephen King

Some of the writing techniques in "Lisey's Story" were breathtaking. One in particular to me was the final proof of Stephen King's reaching the absolute pinnacle of writing. A memory today, calling up a memory 10 years back, which in turn calls up a memory 17 years before that. The quotes below will illustrate what I mean (here the first sentence is today, the second 10 years back, the third 17 years before that which recounts something that happened 15+ years before that):

Silence in the study over the barn, where it was hot and she was hurt and her husband was dead

Silence in the guest room where its cold and her husband is 'gone'

Silence in the bedroom at The Antlers, where they lie together, Scott and Lisey "Now we are two"

And then the living Scott speaks for the one thats dead in 2006 and 'gone' in 1996..."

I challenge anybody who appreciates good writing to read this passage and not remain speechless.

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