Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Rise of Endymion - Dan Simmons (1/10)

Horrible, horrible writing!

The prime failure of this book is the failure to create chemistry between the characters. Mr. Simmons fails miserably every single time he tries to describe an emotional bond between his characters. It started with the first book and 'Siri's Tale'. You just didn't buy into the bond between Siri and Merin. And now the same happens for Aenea and Raul. The characters are so wooden and the feelings so clearly artificial that the characters are just not believable. And so you don't really care what happens to them. He's a complete disaster when talking about people's feelings. I'm not a writer myself but even I know that to show two people who love each other, it takes effort than describing their sex lives and having them call each other 'beloved' a million times!

Almost as annoying are the unbelievably long-winded descriptions. Pages on end are wasted on endless and completely pointless descriptions of places. At so many points you want to remind the author that this is supposed to be a story book, NOT a geography lesson. It gets to the point that you want to stop reading the book just to not waste any more of your time.

Finally there is the shaky credibility of the characters. Mr Simmons has found an easy way to change everything else that came before. Just say that the person who said those things was lying. So you have people lying all over the place - humans & machines alike . I don't like this trick because it makes all your characters lose credibility. The reader no longer knows if he can trust what anybody says.

The series should have ended with the second book. What a terrible and utter waste of space and time the last two books have been!

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