Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Fall of Hyperion - Dan Simmons

Humankind created machines. The machines destroyed the Earth and scattered the humans throughout the galaxy. The relationship between man and machine changed from one of master-slave to one of peaceful co-existence. The machines created a God far into the future. This machine God found another God already in existence. OUR God. And a battle ensued...

This is the Dan Simmons that I know. Epic scope and brilliant imagination.

At the end of 'Hyperion', we left the Shrike pilgrims on the edge of the valley of the Time Tombs, descending into that mysterious place where the time tides hold sway. 'The Fall of Hyperion' continues the story adding on a whole lot of substance to the Hyperion universe. We learn about the Hegemony of man and its politics. The uneasy relationship between Man and the TechnoCore. We learn about the battle that started far in the future, and continued back in time. We witness the invasion of the Worldweb. We get to know the Ousters in much more detail. We see betrayals and deceptions. And revelations!

We learn about God, or rather, Gods! Two to be precise. The machine god and the human God. We learn that the Shrike is an agent of the machine God sent back in time to find the empathy part of the human God who didnt want to fight anymore.

Simmons does brilliantly to narrate and sustain the multiple sorylines. Rachel getting younger every day, ever-closer to her first (and last!) birthday. Moneta who pops up every once in a while in a different 'when'. Colonel Kassad who does battle with the Shrike. A good old-fashioned duel, but with advanced weapons and across the fabric of space and time with the future of all humankind at stake. The secrets of the templars. The consul who continues to play an important role - in the politics of Man as well as Ousters. And a new cybrid whos not really that new. 'The One who Come Before'. The twin to the Keats persona encountered in 'Hyperion'. The TechnoCore and the divisions therein - the stables, the volatiles and the ultimates.

And finally, Brawne Lamia! The mother of the One who Teaches!

The saga is not finished yet.

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