Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why do I like you?

Is it your quiet, effortless grace?
Perhaps its your pristine, pretty face.
It must be your wonderful smile,
Leaves me speechless every single time.
It could be your sweet, bewitching eyes,
with endless depths and amazing highs.
Maybe its your voice, or perhaps your hair;
That radiant smile that you always wear.
Maybe it's how independent you are,
a loving sister, devoted daughter you are.
Its all these things, these secrets of ours,
Listing your graces is like counting stars.
Thats it Dearie, I've said all I can,
I like you coz you make be wanna be a better man.

--- dreamcatcher


J. A. Bennett said...

That is so sweet! This totally inspires me :)

Dreamcatcher said...