Friday, November 25, 2011


and i,
and the sky...


hint of a smile,
gazelle eyes,
oh, my!

you avoid my eye,
you meet my eye,
i could fly!

come to me,
wondrous tales have i,
now you're here
i'm tongue-tied!

i need you,
you're my joy!
once you're mine,
happy i'll die.

--- dreamcatcher


gloW said...

Your poems are beautiful!
I am amazed at the deep emotion coming from a Sagittarius that is an Engineer.
Every Engineer I've ever known has lacked emotion and personality.
Sagittarius,... well they are supposed to be unemotional too. Aren't they? ;-)

Dreamcatcher said...

hey! thanks a lot!

ummm... i'm not much into star-signs so dunno abt the Sagittarius thing but yeah engineers as a rule are not so emotional... perhaps i'm the exception that proves the rule :-p

your comments really do mean a lot... thanks again :)