Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Football Jokes from the Guardian, Part 6

The Guardian writers absolutely surpass themselves when it comes to ridiculing Arsenal!

--- "Our position is always the same," said Wenger, revealing a bit too much about his marital life for the Fiver's comfort.

--- For years, Arsenal fans comforted themselves with the phrase 'Arsene Knows'. Yet now many have added the suffix 'Eff All, the stupid effing feckless eejit'.

--- Velez Sarsfield's Ricardo Alvarez has decided to skip the two years of moping about never winning anything at Arsenal and go directly to Inter for £10m instead.

--- Robin Van Persie says Arsenal must "change or die", which sounds a little harsh even if you sort of know what he means.

--- Wesley Sneider "The Inter fans have always treated me very well. They were wonderful," he said. "I want to thank them. Only God will decide where my future lies." Though God may be assisted by Sneijder's agent when he makes the fateful decision.

--- Steve McClaren is back. The highly-rated-young-coach-turned-mediocre-club-manager-turned-object-of-ridicule-turned-actually-quite-good-tactician-turned-nope-that-was-a-one-off maestro put pen to paper on a three-year contract with Nottingham Forest this morning

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