Saturday, March 05, 2011

Coincidences... Destiny... God? No! SIGNS

'Coincidences', 'destiny', 'fate'... nothing more than empty words. It is us who fill them with meaning. Or not!

I've been thinking a lot about coincidences in these days. My life has changed in a huge way this year. And every so often I wonder about the littlest of coincidences that have brought me to this moment. Now, there are two ways to look at coincidences. There are those who believe in destiny, that everything in our lives is already planned and then there are those who believe that everything is chance. I fall somewhere in the middle. I believe that coincidences are 'Signs' that the universe gives me to help me direct my life.

For starters, I don't think that there is a grand design to this world. I don't believe in God as an entity who actively monitors my life and will reward me for my virtues and punish me for my sins. I've witnessed too much cruelty and horrific depths of depravity plumbed by mankind to still believe in a just God. I fail to understand why such a God would tolerate so much cruelty. If God is really all-knowing and all-powerful why allow people to commit sins, or even better why create people with such depraved minds? If this world is really controlled by a God, it seems like we are a game to Him. Give man the possibility to sin, make it attractive to sin, and then punish him for it! No! I don't buy it.

So, I don't believe that my fate is already written, but I don't believe that its all chance either. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I value coincidences lower than destiny but much higher than chance. Perhaps they don't have this value. But I give them value exactly by basing my decisions on them. It is not easy to make sense out of the chaos that is this world. I believe coincidences are a way for the universe to make a bit of order out of the chaos. Why waste this little help that the universe offers us? I've seen too many occurences in my life that are too significant to be just accidents. This just re-inforces my belief that they are not to be wasted. I believe that my belief in them as signs saves these coincidences from being in vain and gives them meaning.

I don't believe that somebody has already decided how my life will turn out. It is me who has to direct my life based on my decisions and choices. And everytime that I face a decision that can't be made based solely on logic, I need something else to guide me. It is these signs that guide me.

Obviously for those who don't believe, these will remain just meaningless coincidences. In the end it is the belief that counts. Everything in this world is empty and meaningless. Nothing has meaning by itself. It is we who give meaning to things by our beliefs and convictions. We all need something to believe in. Some believe in God. Some in faith. Others in nothing. I believe in 'Signs'.


Magyar said...

__I enjoyed your haiku... I hope you like mine as well; I thank you for your visit to my minimalist blog. I strive for the minimal, and yet as the "Contrary" I often move to the maximum... but -not- at magyar-haiku.
__Howard Roark... followed his own mind, not led by what was common... as I expect, do you. Have
you read on? "Atlas Shrugged?"
(Who is John Galt?) "Anthem?" Rand
novels that -may- be fore-telling.

Deepika said...

I believe in signs... I believe in God... I believe in nature and everything created around... It makes life more beautiful :-)

Nice read...

Dreamcatcher said...

thanks :)