Monday, January 17, 2011

Wrath of a Mad God - The Darkwar Saga, Book 3

Perfect end to a great trilogy. Pug, Magnus, Nakor and Bek continue their fight against the Dark God of the Dasati from his home world, Omadrabar. The entity that contained Macros's memories (it wasnt really Macros!), provides useful clues. Valko leads the revolution with the help of the Bloodwitch sisterhood and a handful of other followers of the White. Meanwhile, the Dasati have invaded the world of Kelewan. Miranda does her best to defend the Tsurani homeworld, ably assisted by Kaspar, Caleb's sons and Alenburga, the General from Novindus. A whole bunch of storylines are thrown at the reader - an invasion of Midkemia by creatures from the Void; existence of yet another kind of elves and the creatures they protect, the Quor; the battle of the Tsurani against the Deathknights and the Great Ones against the Deathpriests; the eventual evacuation of Kelewan; an amazing revelation about Nakor; the true extent of the involvement of Banath, the God of thieves; the revelation that the Talnoy on Midkemia are really the Dasati Gods & their return to their world; the revelation that the Dasati dark god is in fact a Dreadlord and the final destruction of the Dreadloard with Pug's magic and a Godkiller crystal.

Great writing, great story and very good narrative. The part about the Quor seemed totally pointless, as if Feist just wanted Tomas to make an appearance in this book and thought them up for that sole reason! Besides that one tiny flaw, not much else I can find wrong with this book. May the magic continue to flow from his pen!

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