Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Parsifal Mosaic

After the disasters of 'Holcroft Covenant' and 'Chancellor Manuscript' Ludlum is back to somewhere near his best. This book is good because Ludlum sticks to what he does best - spies and their strategic games; leaving aside tedious politics and economics. The story is essentially just strategies, traps, moves & countermoves devised, executed and subsequently taken apart by the best of the spies in the Consular Operations and the VKR (a right-wing part of the KGB).

Micheal Havelock, our hero and the best secret agent of the Cons Ops, saw his love, Jenna Karas, die on a beach in Barcelona following what he thought was a betrayal. The shock is enough for him to exit the game. Then a chance glance at a crowded Rome train station changes everything. He realizes that she is, in fact, NOT dead. What follows is a really convoluted plot starting with Russian, French, Corsican & African agents and going all the way to the most powerful man on earth, the President of the United States. Throw in a Russian mole at the highest reaches of the State Department and the very real possibility of nuclear war involving the US, Russia & China, and we have an absolute humdinger of a book!

Ludlum writes as ever with an economy that makes his action seem very real. The pace is just nice, and the twists don't stop right to the end. A great read!


Shadow said...

thanks for the heads-up. i've been contemplating this one...

Dreamcatcher said...

anytime :) i also highly recommend the Bourne trilogy... Ludlum's best work in my opinion