Saturday, January 08, 2011

Krondor : Tear of the Gods - The Riftwar Legacy, Book 3

"The Tear of the Gods" is a mysterious artefact from which all magical power emanates, allowing contact between humans and Gods. An attack on a ship carrying it causes it be lost at sea. Jimmy the Hand, with the help of William, Jazhara, the new magician of the Prince of Krondor's court & Solon, an Ishapian monk embarks on yet another mission for the Crown. He encounters foul creatures aplenty, chiefly vampires & undead monsters, along with the usual assortment of the bad guys, Nighthawks (real & fake), mercenaries and goblins on the way. No prizes for guessing that the Tear is successfully retrieved at the end.

This book promised a lot but had a very tame ending, hence the low rating. The major questions raised throughout the trilogy are still unanswered. Who is the Crawler? What's his purpose really? Who or rather 'what' is Sidi? There's nothing wrong with the writing. Feist, after all, is a most accomplished fantasy writer. I just felt this whole trilogy was totally unnecessary. Disappointing!

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