Saturday, January 08, 2011

Krondor : The Betrayal - The Riftwar Legacy, Book 1

A new Moredhel warrior has risen in the Northlands and unites the Brotherhood of the Dark Path for a charge on Sethanon to retreive the Lifestone. Jimmy the Hand, Locky, Owyn, Patrus & Arutha have their hands full trying to stop the dark army while dealing with a new wave of Nighthawks. A renegade dark elf & Pug have important parts to play to once again save the Lifestone from those who would use it to bring back the Dragon Lords.

This is a pretty good stand-alone fantasy novel by itself, even if it doesn't quite read like the first part of a trilogy. Feist doesn't disappoint. As usual great writing & wonderful imagination. For the the first time, it struck me how immense in scope his books are(not necessarily this one, but most of his books). The numerous worlds, the diverse cities & continents and an amazingly long cast of important characters. Feist is very good at narrating several parallel storylines and tying them up nicely in the end. Also, its great to see the stakes get progressively higher with every book. An added bonus was the consistently great humour scattered throughout the book. This book is another feather in his much-decorated cap!

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