Saturday, January 08, 2011

Krondor : The Assassins - The Riftwar Legacy, Book 2

The Moredhel army has been thwarted in their mission to get hold of the Lifestone. Back in Krondor, a spate of murders and attempts on a visiting dignitary's life get Prince Arutha concerned. Jimmy the Hand employs his considerable skills to uncover the reasons and arrives at the conclusion that Nighthawks are to blame once again. Their pursuit takes him, along with William and Arutha, to an abandoned fortress in a desert, where things get out of hand. Mostly because, in addition to hundreds of assassins, the lair turns out to be harboring a Demon as well. It takes all of Jimmy's shrewdness, William's courage & Arutha's calm leadership to vanquish the Demon and most of the Nighthawks. At the end, we get a hint of much greater, not to mention much darker, powers at work behind the Nighthawk's activities.

As expected from the second part of any trilogy, the book sets up the series nicely for the final book of the trilogy. Considering the number of unresolved questions raised by this book, 'Tear of the Gods' should be a cracker. The writing is what I've come to expect from Feist. Uniformly well-written, although at times, it seems like he's holding back his best stuff for the finale. This is why the book comes across as just good, rather than spectacular.

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