Friday, January 07, 2011

A History of Violence (6/10)

A classic example of how difficult it is to make a good film. There are too many aspects to a good film and if even one is missing the end-product is disappointing. In the case of this movie, the missing product is good dialogue. The cinematography is good, the acting, the casting, the camerawork, everything is just nice. But the dialogue lets the movie down badly. Disappointly, too oftern it jars and destroys the entire scene.

Then theres the gratuitous violence. Alright, I know that from the title I should have expected violence. And its not violence that puts me off, if done properly and where it serves the story, and..... ok, I'll admit it.... if not too excessive. Here its excessive, and gratuitous. Many times the violence is not just excessive but unnecessarily brutal. Obviously a decision of the director to make it so, without a thought to whether it serves any purpose. I don't like movies that give in to the whims of the director. A film should remain true to its story. A good director instead of indulging himself must be driven solely by the demands of the plot, facilitating the telling of his story.

A decent movie that could have been a lot more impressive with good dialogue.

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