Monday, January 17, 2011

Flight of the Nighthawks - The Darkwar Saga, Book 1

This book continues from where the "Conclave of Shadows" series left off. 'Exile's Return' ended with two big questions. The mysterious & extremely dangerous killing-machines from another world, called 'Talnoy', and a resurgence of the band of assassins, the Nighthawks. This book takes place mostly in the Empire of Kesh and deals almost exclusively with rooting out the Nighthawks (although we see precious little of the assassins). Nakor, Pug, Miranda, Magnus, Caleb & his foster sons and Kaspar, ultimately manage to repulse the evil plot of Sidi to spread chaos in Kesh, and destroy most of the Nighthawks in the process. Sidi though is not dead and continues to live on, now in the world of Kelewan. The biggest contribution of this book is the introduction of Ralan Bek, the enigmatic youth from Novindus who seems to have a spark of 'The Nameless One' in him.

Feist has set such high standards with the Riftwar series that every time I expect something grand from his stories. This book is hugely disappointing in that respect. The climax is built up very well, but then the actual ending seems very tame! Also, Sidi has come back to life so many times, that now it seems quite pointless when his host body is destroyed. Feels more like a warm-up to the Darkwar series, rather than a proper first installment! On the bright side, the series can only get better from here.

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