Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exile's Return - Conclave of Shadows, Book 3

While this is officially the last of the "Conclave of Shadows" trilogy, it felt more like the first of the next series. The story takes off tangentially from the previous 2 books of the series, and the original hero, Talon, is nowhere to be seen until the end. Moreover, the villain of the previous books, Kaspar, becomes the main guy now.

But thats not necessarily bad. The story sees Kaspar, formerly Duke of Olasko, ousted from his duchy by Talon and exiled to Novindus. Here he comes across something very sinister and ends up lugging it back to Sorcerer's Isle. But not before several near-death encounters. He journeys to the Pavilion of the Gods and is granted an audience with the Gods (Banath & Arch Indar)! Back in Midkemia, an assualt on Elvandar forces Tomas to don the mantle of the Dragon Lord, Ashen Shugar, once again.

After a beginning thats a tad slow, the story picks up pace and never relents. By the end it goes into hyper-drive and we are re-acquainted with a lot of familiar faces. I can feel that the stage is nicely set for the next trilogy "The Darkwar Saga", especially with Pug and The Dragon Lord re-uniting to fight the forces of darkness. And while we're meeting old acquaintances again, I really hope 'Macros the Black' makes a comeback too :-p

Feist is as good as ever with his writing. Great story & intriguing characters, topped off with a wonderfully fertile imagination. A very good fantasy book!

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