Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Gran Torino (9/10)

Another Clint Eastwood movie, another masterpiece.

I believe that art is the process of making something out of nothing and 'great' art is making something extraordinary out of real-life. Because try as we might to delude ourselves, real-life is mostly slow, tepid and unspectacular. So when you watch a movie such as this, whose hero is a very normal war veteran, a movie that never leaves the little nondescript town its based in, that has no big names except the considerably famous lead, you can't help but marvel at the heights that human imagination can reach. No, this is not a contradiction. When I say imagination, I talk not about creating a new story, but rather of converting reality on to the big screen in such a spectacular manner. What makes this movie special is that it achieves the spectacular without resorting to the slightest unnecessary adornment.  Also admirable is the fact that it refrains from preaching when it could so easily go in that direction.

A simple story; an amazing, touching movie. Bravo Clint!

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