Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Michael Clayton (7/10)

"I'm not the guy you kill, I'm the guy you buy!"

A film characterized by taut, controlled direction. A film that hints at many things without delving deep in any of them. A film featuring quite amazing cameos by very good actors (witness three Oscar nominations in acting categories).

I wasn't expecting to like this movie. After all, the storyline doesn't exactly get the pulse racing. A legal thriller with hotshot attorneys and big corporations is not groundbreaking stuff. But it exceeded my (admittedly low) expections.

It starts off with a quite haunting monologue by Tom Wilkinson, which in itself is worth half the admission price. The story revolves around this bigshot fixer with a huge corporation, whose most important case is jeopardized by the histrionics of their leading attorney. Michael Clayton tries to clean up this mess, while trying to sort out major issues in his personal life.

The beauty of this movie is the very simple storyline backed-up by economical dialogue, brilliant direction (an Oscar nomination for the first-time director) and very, very good acting by everyone involved. It is an unpretentious, refreshingly original look at a world that has been dissected to death by hollywood. Finally, George Clooney is quite simply exceptional as Michael Clayton. His best performance in a very long time, if not his best ever.

Definitely worth watching!

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