Thursday, January 08, 2009

Solitude Shattered

Oft had I found it bothersome, in a crowd to blend;
Had friends precious few, I was my own best friend.
I was an introvert, hated crowds with their petty drone;
Despised others' hollow chatter, was happiest on my own.
Not for me the moon's starry allies, together yet jaded;
I like the sun; singular, alone, reaching its zenith unaided.
Then along you came from nowhere and made me aware;
You're my unconsciously asked, silently answered prayer.
Your smile was an epiphany, that glance made me see;
I'm a drop of water and you the ocean that'll set me free.
My dreams monopolized, occupied every waking thought;
My blissful silences lost, in your musings I'm ever caught.
My muse, you took from me my most personal due;
My very essence, my solitude, now belongs to you.

--- dreamcatcher

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