Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Country for Old Men (7/10)

"What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?"

A Coen brothers movie hardly contains groundbreaking script. Most of the time, the story is fairly straightforward - something slightly unusal gone more than slightly wrong. There is usually one main interesting character and a host of other minor, but intriguing characters. 'No Country...' is no different. A hunter comes across a drug-deal gone horribly wrong and finds a whole lot of money. He decides to keep the money, which leads to the inevitable pursuit by the ultimate bad-guy. The psychopathic killer on the trail of the hunter is a chilling character. He has a very clear, logical mind and not a shred of compassion, plus a liberal dosage of brutality. The pursuit leaves a trial of death in its wake.

The biggest asset of this fairly common story is its disturbing, ruthless, brutal antagonist, Anton Chigurh, who decides whether or not to kill perfectly innocent victims based on a coin toss, and asks the victim to call it. He is not completely devoid of principles, but does seems to possess a very twisted, sadistic turn of mind. The dry, barren & unforgiving landscape of the film perfectly complements this soulless, inhuman psychopath wandering around in it. The dialogue is minimal and the settings are bare, yet very apt and leave an impression on the viewer. The only problem is that there doesnt seem to be a point to the movie, besides the portrayal of this bad guy.

A very well-made film, but lacking substance!

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