Thursday, November 20, 2008

Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa (7/10)

After watching the utter disaster that is the latest Bond movie, I was in desperate need of my own quantum of solace. Thankfully, Madagascar-2 was on hand to provide the much-needed respite.

The sequel does not mess around, and quite literally takes off from the word 'go'. Our dear friends leave Madagascar on a plane, repaired by the ever-resourceful penguins. Unfortunately, they end up crash-landing in the African plains. Discoveries ensue, such as, Alex re-uniting with his family, Gloria finding excitement (and a date), Melman taking his love of medicines to its logical conclusion, and Marty realizing how 'unique' he really is! The penguins continue their resourcefulness, providing by far the best laughs of the movie.
There are plenty of new characters, most notably the chimps with British accents and a shark that just won't give up. But the old characters are as good as ever. The penguins have absolutely surpassed themselves in this instalment. Every single scene with the penguins is an absolute treat, and it wouldn't be inaccurate to say they make up half of the entertainment value of this movie.
An absolute joy to watch.

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