Friday, September 05, 2008


I have a vision, of a beauty so pristine;
Such as on earth, never has been seen.
Sculpted from snow, her form exquisite;
Mesmeric her gaze, her smile's hypnotic.

Her spirit, wilder than wildest flames,
Toys with hearts, plays tenuous games.
Darkest of shadows, she makes light;
All my life's wrongs, she makes right.
Defying all of nature's laws;
She truly is, without flaws.
But such flawless beauty, on this earth cannot be;
Visible not to mortal eyes, only to my ethereal eyes is she.
In high heavens she is, not on this earth low;
For when He'd created her, even He couldn't let her go!

--- dreamcatcher

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ode to Perfection

God created all things good, and better things too;
Then He thought "Best", and He created you!
The glow of your skin, makes sunshine blush;
Night pines for day, seeing your dark tresses lush.
Softer than snow, those wrists tender;
Sinuous waist, defines the word slender.
Just a colour trivial, is the sky's blue;
Magical, nay divine! is your eyes' hue.
Your eyes bewitch, your words beguile;
Leaves me witless, your entrancing smile.
Those lips, those eyes, all that grace;
Fairies go green, seeing your pretty face.

Greatest creation of the greatest creator;

Perfect you are, there's none better!

--- dreamcatcher