Monday, August 18, 2008


Enough of these tortuous games,
no more withstand I can.
This agony try to understand, my Lady,
after all, I'm just a man!

Long have you toyed with my heart,
like a flame with naive moths.
Knowing full well my enamour of you,
nary a hint of your own thoughts.

Harshest of flames gives warmth,
atones thus for what is its wont,
then consumes the moth, leaving not a trace;
Empty hopes & false dreams you give, where's my quantum of solace?

Say 'yes', and this tale ends happily,
Say 'no', and I try to cope... NOT easily,
You say nothing, and what is that really,
but another shot to prolong my misery?

Go on then, try to find the one for you,
an Adam for every Eve, we were all made in a pair;
When futile your search ends, think of me and I'll be there,
I'm the one for you, I swear!

--- dreamcatcher

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