Monday, January 29, 2007

5 reasons I'll never go back to Athens

1. Scams - I spent 4 nights in Athens and I ran into scammers every single night. A combination of good instincts and Lonely Planet cautions meant I didnt lose anything more than my temper.

2. Unfriendly people - Having visited over 15 cities in 6 different european countries , I can say that the people that I ran into in Athens were the most unfriendly I've encountered in Europe.

3. Traffic - The most blatant disregard for traffic rules I've ever seen, and I've been living in Sicily for the past 6 months, and I've grown up in India !

4. Dogs - Astonishingly, for a city attracting as many tourists as Athens does, it has an incredible number of stray dogs. I have nothing against animals, but when you see hordes of stray, obviously dangerous dogs everywhere you go, you're entitled to be a bit anxious.

5. Language - Its bad enough not being able to understand the spoken language of a foreign country, the different script makes it worse.

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